Sunday, May 27, 2012

Aubrey Falls Provincial Park

Last weekend (Canada's Victoria Day holiday) Matthew and Dr. Ana came up to the cottage to hang out and explore.

We went to Aubrey Falls. Fun fact: the early Precambrian bedrock here has been transformed through glaciation.

Another fun fact: The falls are controlled by a dam.

That means they can be 'turned off'. Ha!

We hiked our way up an into the falls...... the portage trails were pretty overgrown, but we persevered.

Ana the adrenaline junkie!

What did you do over the long weekend?

Gotta run.


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

As ever, beautiful pictures! It is cold rainy and snowed yesterday here. Supposed to be nice tomorrow I think.

Unknown said...

Snow? WTF?! That totally sucks :(

Johann said...

Really beautiful place. I hope I can visit Canada one day (dream, dream). No long weekend here!

Unknown said...

Hope you make it out here one day!!! I hope I make it out to your neck of the woods.

Bummer about you not having a long weekend :(

Vaudiophile said...

I should pop over and see them next time I'm doing something in the U.P. I just got myself an enhanced license so I can go to Canada for the Detroit Marathon. So I'm legal for Canada trips again. It was so much easier years ago....

Unknown said...

It was much easier before 9/11.

The new drivers licenses are pretty awesome!!! I still have a passport (with the most horrendous photo ever).

Fruit Fly said...

They can turn off the falls! That's kind of cool!!

For my long weekend I had a Dexter marathon and helped host a big family BBQ. Yours was much more scenic!

Unknown said...

A marathon and BBQ sounds like fun!