Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Sea horses are fun to watch.

Like most aquatic life....... they don't stay still for photographs.

Pretty colour.

So many colourful things to look at.

You're a star!!!!!!

Looks like it could be a bird.

Where ever the shark is in the tank........ he appears to be looking at you. Intimidating. I really got a good look at those choppers and I wouldn't want to get a body part stuck in his mouth.

As long as this piranha keeps it's mouth closed it doesn't look that scary.

My favorite fish.

So delicate.

This is a Moon Pie Jellyfish.

This is how I usually see the Moon Pie....... dead on the beach.

Got to see the dolphins playing with their toys.

They are always smiling.

This is part of their performance.

The otters looked like they were having a blast.

They would rest for a minute and then hop back in the water.

At the end of the day I would have to say the Texas State Aquarium was not worth the trip to Corpus Christi. It cost us almost $40 for entry and parking. The exhibits were interesting but very limited. If you can't get a discount or coupon I wouldn't recommend going.

Gotta tell it like it is.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Aquarims are fun, I dont know if they are $40 fun though

Brand Narak Shop said...
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Anonymous said...

ilove your pics of the fish-enjoy your holiday and keep taking us on your trip with your pics-sistersue

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment SisterSue!! Hope all is well. Say "Hi" to Jack :-)