Saturday, February 4, 2012

Falling in love with the Gulf of Mexico.

Everyday, I get to see new and different things that have been washed ashore.

This coffee mug was stuck (with the help of algae) to the metal lid of what appeared to be a cooler.

This looked like a landmine from a distance (up close it resembled a helmet). Here's the curious bit........ the next day special police and beach officials dug a big hole in the sand and blew something up. Hmmmmmm?

This is as close as I was allowed to get to the explosion site.

'A toad with spikes and lips?'.

Found out that it was a Puffin Fish. It has several names, one of wich is 'Toadfish".

Puffin fish (Tetraodontidae) are a delicacy in Japan, China and Korea........ and are VERY poisonous. If prepared incorrectly, they can cause death. YIPES!!!!!!!

This is what the Puffin does when it wants to scare off predators. That is one ugly fish.

Speaking of poisonous fish...... The 'Portuguese Man O War' has tentacles that can cause stinging, burning, redness, difficulty with breathing, and cardiac arrest.

Don't mess with this innocent looking jelly fish.

This big boy was over 2.5 feet long (30 inches). I'm sure he filled the bellies of several birds.

There has been a lot of vegetation lately.

Thought of shallots when I saw these. Anyone for some Ocean Salad?

Don't stop reading yet..........I want to mention that I have been featured in a Q & A @ Just Running. Make sure to check it out. Thanks Christina!!!!!!!

Gotta run.
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