Friday, April 22, 2011

Gotta get yourself one!

This month's Trail Runner is jam packed with great articles, interviews, a spring shoe guide (who doesn't like those?!), and there is a Hoka One giveaway!!!!!

These babies are expensive... Would love to win a pair to try out.

I was at the gym last night.... I watched a show called "Wipeout".

It's a hysterically funny show where people compete in a crazy obstacle course that has them being tossed around, and beat up like Sadie's baby (see my last post).

I was laughing OUT LOUD. Noticed a bunch of people looking at me strangely.

Oh well.....
Gotta run.

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

I keep forgetting about wipeout, its freaking funny

Unknown said...

Don't know why but I always laugh when I see people fall/ get hurt?!


Anonymous said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

a girl from Listowel will be on the show in May. she was picked from thousand's last fall to go to Argentina to do the show.That's where it is filmed. she got a few days to sitesee also. She had fun but came home black and blue. she will be in a cow costume.she works at the local vet clinic.sistersue

Unknown said...

That's so cool Sister Sue!!! I hope she has healed up nicely :)