Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guest post... "Sadie says"

Hi, my name is Sadie.

Mommy (that's her on the left) said I could post on her blog......... If you look close, that's me in the back of her jeep. I like jeep rides.

Mommy makes me walk around with this pink thing attached to my necklace... I don't like it because it stops me from running where I want to go.

Mommy loves going into this kinda store.... lucky for her bank account, she can't spend money when I am with her (they won't let me in).

It's not lady like to smell these yellow things..... but, I think they smell good!!!

When I am good, I don't have to wear the pink thing on my necklace.... Look, I can scratch my own back.

Still scratching....

I got in a little trouble 'cause I got dirty.

I don't get to run with mommy anymore because I tripped her and she almost broke her shoulder..... But look how fast I am!!!!

Never saw a squirrel with leaves in his mouth before.... silly squirrel...... Mommy wouldn't let me play with him.

This is my baby.

I am trying to shake my baby to death.

Just kidding... I love my baby!

That's all I got.
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