Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Canadian Death Race 2010"

Last night I decided to commit to doing next year's Canadian Death Race. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

In a nut shell, here's what the death race is going to be like:

"The 125 km course begins and ends on a 4200 foot plateau, passes over three mountain summits and includes 17,000 feet of elevation change and a major river crossing"

This was taken directly from their home page. Did you see that? SEVENTEEN THOUSAND FEET!!!!!!!!!! So I am looking for crew members to support me. Can I take you up on your offer Joanne? Jodie, I expect that you and Dave will be there?! What about you Janet? If anyone else is interested just let me know. It's going to be held during the long weekend in August.

This post is going to be lengthy so I apologize.... lots to fill you in on.

Monday's run: Was a seven mile race pace run. The weather has been so great for running lately. I am enjoying the 15 to 20 degree weather (59-68 Fahrenheit). I know that it can't last forever so I am enjoying it while I can. I am not looking forward to getting up early on my weekends to beat the heat.

Today's run was supposed to be a 23 miler. I forgot my gel shots at home and was about a mile out when I realized it. Lucky for me.... it could have been 6 miles. I did my run and trying to best adjust my distance. Not wanting to short change myself I went a little further and ended up running just over 24 miles. I really need to calibrate my watch to the foot pod again (been saying that forever!).

I was very pumped this morning. I was so excited about the death race that today's run was a PR. It wasn't intentional at all. I couldn't stop smiling.... I smiled the whole distance and waved at everyone (except the cars that didn't move over). I got so giddy at times that I giggled out loud. For those of you who don't know me, I am not your happy-go-luck person who can laugh at just about anything. Not to say that I am unhappy, I just feel my feelings on the inside. This is what I look like after 24 miles when I am high on life. I think I look worse after my 7 miler! hee hee

I am back tracking to Sunday. Andrew and I participated in the annual "Ride For Dad" motorcycle convoy. There were approximately 950 motorcycles. It was an awesome experience to see the group leaving the parking lot. Row after row, everyone fell into place. I can't believe that it was executed so smoothly. We got to drive right through red lights and hold up traffic. It feels just like it does when it happens during a marathon. You feel so special!

I realize that I look a bit awkward in my photo. I wasn't sure how to position myself. :-) I am sure that there is some cool biker pose that I should have been aware of! Please note that my running bandanna works quite well as a do-rag!

The photo above was borrowed from the Windsor Star.


What do we get dad for his 60th/ Father's day gift? I'm afraid to email you in case dad reads your email. I am pretty sure that he doesn't read this. It has nothing to do with fishing or woodworking! hee hee

That's it.... I'm finished!


Stuart said...

Ah i so looked at next year's Death Race but decided on something else...maybe 2011?

Good luck and keep us posted!

chris mcpeake said...

Should be great fun. Thought about doing it next year but decided that the year after will work out better for me. Enjoy the training

Stacey said...

If you guys change your mind about 2010 let me know!

Anonymous said...

What month, how long etc. I will have to confirm my accomodations at Joanne & Mitch's place but...yes we are there and no backing out this time. We are due to take a trip out West - Joanne and Mitch always come here so we will have to return the favour. Besides, it's not everyday you get to see someone you love in Canada's Death Race - imagine the photo ops - great blogging material - can't wait. And no, I will not do it with you.
As for Rejean's gift - he has talked about a gps for the car - maybe you and Jodie can go in on it together - you know when you get older it is harder to find your way around and you get lost easily :D

Gailanne said...

You go for it girl!

The race looks like so much fun... Just be sure to get lots of hill training in, as well as training with a loaded pack for some of the long runs... :-)

Anonymous said...

You are in insane! We will definitely be there!

millye said...

Hi Stacey,

I came across your blog looking for people who were possibly running this years Death Race. I realize it's a no go this year but congrats on deciding to do it next year. Make sure you sign up Jan 1st next year. This year filled up extremely quick.

Anyways this year is my first attempt at an ultra so I figured the Death Race was as memorable as any to start with. With only 10 sleeps left before the race theres a lot going through my head but mostly excitement. If you end up with any questions along the way let me know, and I'll pass along my results to you.


Dave Millar

Stacey said...

Hi Dave!

I wish you a safe and enjoyable journey.... there is nothing like your first!!! Kudos on choosing such an incredible race. I am sure that you'll have many stories to tell.

I can't wait to hear all about it. I could use some insider information. :-D

Good Luck!

Adam Spark said...

Hi Stacey - I am about to start training for my first ever ultra - next year's Death race. We are two 43-year-olds from Scotland who have never ran further than 13 miles, but we're up for it and start preparing in earnest next week. We're hoping to be up to 4 hour runs by the end of October.
If you can offer us any advice about the distance, climbing and altitude it would be welcome.


Adam Spark said...

Stacey - Facebook is an alien concept I'm afraid...howeverhard I try I alwys get lost.
Best email for me is scoop.knox@virgin.net
We are heading off for a seven mile hill run tomorrow before tackling a 10 mile road run on Monday.
We start a training plan (provided by an old friend who is an endurance coach with Scottish Athletics) in September. I think two has become three as we have another friend joining us for training.
We're busily researching equipment and nutrition...any advice about anything will be welcome.


Stacey said...


Give me a bit of time to send along some info. I am crazy busy lately! Just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten about you!


Anonymous said...

Ah the Death Race....done it 6 times and planning on going back in 2010 to do it all again....for old time sake after missing the '09 event. 2008 I took a nasty tumble on leg two that cranked my knee and shutting down my running for over a year but I promise I will be back with a vengeance. :)
And for the boys from Scotland, run the race in a kilt...its the only way to run. :)

Michael Wentz said...

Are you still running the death race this year?!

Stacey said...

Hi Michael

Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to do the Death Race this year. I am hoping to achieve that goal in 2011!

Michael Bryan Wentz said...

I saw that you just ran a 50 miler ... congrats! Hopefully see you at the race next year. I am signed up to run this year. Should be a blast!

Stacey said...

Thank you Michael!

Have a great time at the Death Race!! I'd love to hear all about it :) Keep me posted.

Michael Wentz said...

Stacey...just thought I'd give you an update from the CDR...you're doing it in 2011...right?


Stacey said...

Hi Michael

Thanks for the link... I'll have to check it out when I get home. No 'Flash' on my computer at work.

I will be doing the 2011 CDR!

Michael Wentz said...

Stacey... wrote a book chronicling my training and CDR story. I think it might be helpful if you're thinking about participating in the CDR in 2011.

Check it out...


Unknown said...

Thanks Michael.... I'll check it out!