Saturday, May 30, 2009

Elliptical trainer

Today I had the privilege of going to a gym. I went as a guest of a friend.... meaning free :-D

We worked out on an elliptical machine. I had never seen or used an elliptical like this one. It was like stepping/ pushing down with your feet. Not the "track sort" of elliptical that each foot pedal rotates in a circular (more oval actually) motion. I have horrible balance and it took quite some time to get used to the mechanics of it all. By the end of the session (60 minutes) I felt more comfortable with my movement. I still had to hold on the whole time! In that whole hour I only cover a distance of just over 3 miles..... it felt much longer.

After the elliptical we went and did some weights. I brought along my P90X book and we followed the shoulders and arms routine. It's really different doing weights in front of a mirror. I don't use one at home. It makes you realize how bad your posture is and that you're not as graceful as you feel at home. I suppose that is a good thing. I can now make adjustments and try to be more aware when I do weights.

It was a great workout! Nice change of scenery.

This Monday and Tuesday are calling for rain. I have a 23 mile run scheduled on Tuesday. Looks like it may have to happen on the Monday as the probability of precipitation is much lower. Time will tell!
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