Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Bike Ride for the Heart and Stroke Foundation

Last night I participated in my 2nd big bike ride. It's such a fun time. You get to make lots of noise and wave at pedestrians and people in their cars. Making noise like and acting like a 5 year old every now and again is a great release.

After wards (the actual ride is only about 20 minutes) you kinda just hang out and chat and have a drink and and appetizers. There was a really fun band playing at the bar we were at!

Back to the subject of training.... I was sore after Tuesday's run. My body is not used to that pace... or the mileage for that matter! I had a great 5 mile recovery run yesterday where I was able to work out all the kinks. I have to skip my run, weights, and leg work today so that I can get some one on one time with Andrew. I suppose he's worth it?! lol Just joking Pee (my pet name for him)! I'll make up some of it tomorrow.

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