Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trail Etiquette

I've got some inner turmoil when it comes to trail etiquette. Whether it be road or trail, is of no consequence.

The rules state that one must run/ bike/ walk on the right side of the trail.

When passing (on the left) we must let the person in front of us know "passing on the left".

I have been a good, rule abiding runner...... Until now.

My new running partner runs next to me (I state the obvious). He runs on my left side. His distance from me varies anywhere from 6in to 2 feet. I don't know when he is going to move out a little further or come in closer.

I become very nervous when I think of a cyclist zipping by...... Sam (aforementioned running partner) gets really excited when people call out and wants to run toward them. I can't help it if he's super friendly.

The last thing I need is for Sam to get run over by a bicycle and add to his, already long, list of situational neurosis.

Since pleading, and reasoning, with him doesn't help....... I run on the very left side of the path. This way he is afforded his freedom of expression (I don't run in a straight line either so I'm not about to preach to him).

Am I being selfish by ignoring the rules? What would you do? If you are currently dealing with this situation, or have dealt with it, how do/ did you handle it?


Gotta run.


Half Crazed Runner said...

This is a pet peeve of mine. I stay to the right. Some people here (North Jersey) stare you down as you run toward them - even though there is nothing toward their right, they will not move! I have even had people shove their elbow out! When passing, I do yell out, which side I am passing on - it varies, depending on who it is & if they have a dog :D, but I do try to prepare people as to not scare anyone (esp. the older peeps).

Char said...

I only ever run my dog on a leash. That way I have full control and can prevent potential collisions. I can't imagine how bad I'd feel if he was hit by a bike and both he and the cyclist ended up hurt.

Lisa said...

As a dog owner/lover, I get your situation and empathize. If it were me, I would just make sure I always yield to others to a) make sure Sam isn't hurt, and b) acknowledge that you know you're not necessarily following the rules but are trying to adjust accordingly.

What you described happens everywhere, with or without dogs.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your perspective HCR!!

Unknown said...

Sam is always on leash...... I'm afraid of my ability to react quickly enough.

Unknown said...

Great advice Lisa. Although I am good at yielding for those who are coming toward me, I'm not so good at people coming from behind....... and sometimes the people coming from behind don't make their presence known.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Just say your from Europe and where your are from, people drive and run on the left, by the time they think it out, you will be a quarter mile up the trail

Unknown said...

Brilliant idea Chris!

Vaudiophile said...

Walk the dog on the right. Problem solved :)

Unknown said...

I suppose you are correct ;)