Friday, May 10, 2013

Got the "need to try another brand of runner" itch.

My Nike Structure Triax road shoes have served me well, but I'm getting the impression that they are being weaned out of existence.

For trails, I've been using Salomon. I LOVE the toe cap.... But I do occasionally get blisters on my left arch (where the insole ends).

I always thought that I was a neutral to mild pronator but have come to realize that I pronate slightly with my left and supponate slightly with my right. I was pigeon toed as a child..... wonder if that has anything to do with that?! Any podiatrists out there?

Yesterday I tried out the trail runners with Sam (Fugi racer). My route consisted mostly of single track; Ergo, I was not faced with any trail etiquette conundrums.

My feet and shoes held up very well on the 10 miler. I did feel a bit of irritation on the ball of my left foot so I will continue to monitor.

Here is Sam looking very winded and hot, yet incredibly smart in his reflective vest.

Do you stick with the same shoe or do you change things up?

Have you ever had a pair of shoes discontinued? What did you do, and how did it turn out?

Gotta run.
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