Thursday, May 2, 2013

More Free Stuff...... for the ladies.

Every now and again; usually after I've heard about/ seen/ talked about the Extreme Couponing show, I decide to go online and see what I can get for free.

This time I found a great one!!!

If you go to Julep and register to become a 'Maven' you can get a fabulous kit for free.
An example of what you'll receive (image from the Julep website).

You must pay the $3.99 shipping fee....... a bit of a 'catch' but well worth it.   What happens is that you get set up for an auto delivery for a fun box of "Make You Pretty Things"  (with emphasis on nail polish) that costs $19.99 per month.

*****You can cancel at any time, skip a month,  send the monthly package to a friend or family member*****

Good news..... We can even get it here in canada. Yippee!  

I am not sure of all of the countries that Julep will ship to, but check out the site and I am sure there will be some sort of information.  

Before I forget, the coupon code is FREEBOX.

I am still awaiting mine, International shipping takes a wee bit longer.

If you're a Maven, or have tried Julep products, I'd like to hear your thoughts!

I have wanted to sign up for Bulu Box  for awhile now- You get monthly boxes of heath, fitness, and nutritional samples.... said samples are supposed to last you a month.  If you happen to like a particular product, you can order a full size on their site.

An example of what you'll receive....... image from the Bulu Box website.

They don't ship to Canada at this time.  BOO!!!!!!! I have been asking them to start shipping to us Canucks via Twitter.

Have you tried Bulu Box?  Thoughts?  Is it worth it?

Gotta run.

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