Sunday, December 23, 2012

South Beach, Miami (Part 1)

 We had been in Orlando, Florida for 5 days. On November 11 (My birthday), we rented this convertible and drove, and drove, and drove.....

..... Almost there.

After 5 hours we made it to South Beach, Miami.

We stayed at the SLS Hotel.

I had to pee really bad so when we FINALLY got into the room (Villa actually), I headed straight to the toilet.  The door was closed but I did not notice that there was a door.  I was so caught up in trying to get my pants undone that I walked/ ran straight into the glass door.  BAM!!!!  I hit my head sooooooo hard.  Andrew thought it was hysterical.  I didn't find it funny until MUCH later.

This was our balcony.

The hotel pool.

Lounge area.

Our villa was located in this building (separate from the hotel).

This was right below our balcony.  The pools were on either side.

This is the hotel beach pool.  The hotel was beautiful.  With the exception of 3 employees, we were treated like crap.  Will never go back.  When I spend that kind of money $$$$$, I expect white glove service.  I would have received better service if I had stayed at the Super 8.

As a self proclaimed Foodie, there are some restaurants that  I think you should know about.  The Front Porch Cafe has the best breakfast.  I had the French toast one day and an omelette on another.  Huge, delicious portions that are reasonably priced.

Escopazzo is a hidden gem.   Everything is organic.  The tasting menu dazzled my tastebuds. Above is the Tomato and guacamole sorbet....... delicious!

This is asparagus flan with truffle oil, shiitake mushrooms, and cheese. Mmmmmmm.

Telezio cheese risotto with an amaretto cherry.  I also had pear ravioli with butter.
If you find yourself in South Beach this place should be on your visit list!

The Beer and Burger Joint has the best macaroni and cheese I have ever had.  It is located outside the busy, touristy area.  It's a favourite of the locals.  If you like beer, there were a zillion different types on tap.  Something for everyone.

The veggie burger was huge...... and very tasty!

We also dinned at Yuca, an awesome Cuban American restaurant.  We had the Empanadas  the Piquillos de Pepin to start (amazing).  My main was the Saquitos de Hongo, and it was equally tasty.  

We ended up at Love Hate Tattoo studio one evening (It's another Ami James tattoo shop).

I went through all the books and did not find an artist that I liked well enough to permanently mark my body.  Got me excited about getting another one tho.

Everything and everyone in South Beach was totally Over-The-Top.  Check out the mannequin.... Yipes!!

The second part of this post will be about my favourite part...... The North Atlantic ocean. 

Gotta run.


Char said...

I know the service wasn't great but I think I'd put up with bad service to stay in a place that looked so beautiful. Your room looked amazing. And your bathroom.

Hope you have a very Happy Christmas wherever your travels have taken you.

Stuart said...

Looks amazing and I am sure is a welcome change of climate!

But really to hell with the hotel, how was the car?

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas Char!

Unknown said...

Loved the drive. I have a jeep, but its nothing like the smooth ride of a real convertible!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Awesome tips; we also just loved South Beach. Tks for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and your family

JP said...

I just want the pool ducky... it'd be so pretty in my yard :p

Unknown said...

Thank you. I hope the same for you and yours!

Unknown said...

It's a cool ducky for sure!