Thursday, November 1, 2012

We should be more like cows.


I was really cold and wet during a run last week...... I had made my mind up to turn around and head home.

...... Then I remembered an story in a Dale Carnegie book.

It talked about how we should be more like cows.....

.... Cows are outside in hail, sleet, snow, and hot humid days etc.

They don't refuse to go outside or complain that they'll catch a cold.... They adapt to their ever-changing environment.

Obviously we should not run/ train/ etc. if we will get hypothermia or push ourselves until we have heat stroke.

But, before throwing in the towel, we should think about our particular situation. If it isn't going to actually harm us, are we just being babies?

After I thought about it for a few minutes I decided to finish my run.

Funny thing..... I didn't feel as cold.

Gotta be like the cows.
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