Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Click here to read more about the author.
By the title, I would have expected it to be a novel about my races for the past year ;-)

While on Audible.com I noted that Andrew had 32 credits.  So I have been using them up..... thus the 'can't get enough' audiobook kick.

If you are a dog lover (or a Formula 1 lover), you HAVE to get this book.

It is a story of a dog's life told by Enzo the dog.  Enzo shares his perspective on people and the human condition.   He talks about his life and death.  Racing in the rain refers to race car driving. Click HERE for an eloquently written, more in-depth review.

Please note:  If you are sensitive when it comes to animals, I warn you..... you will be crying in the first few pages. I do not recommend running while listening to the book (as I learned yesterday during my 18 miler)..........  It's very hard to run when you are sobbing and gasping for air.

I am generally not an outwardly emotional person but, for whatever reason, I crack when it comes to anything about animals dying or being abused (especially dogs).  I can't even listen to Sarah McLachlan's ASPCA commercial without welling up (stopping animal cruelty commercial).

Some other Audiobooks I have listened to.......
Awesomely funny!

Funny and entertaining.
 I couldn't read or listen to the whole thing. I tried to like it.  Not my cup of tea.
 Awesome concept.  The power of the Law of Attraction.

Just started this.  you really need to be focused when listening to this or you'll miss out.
I've got lots more in my queue.

Do you listen to audiobooks? Or do you prefer reading?

Gotta run.


William said...

It seems I always get rained on during ultras, but never for marathons. I'm a reading person. My mind wanders too much on a run. Last book I read was Eat and Run.

Lisa said...

Just tried to listen to a book while driving on a business trip and unfortunately, thought I would fall asleep! I totally enjoy the book (in the physical sense) but also have a Kindle. Still prefer old fashioned though.

LOVED The Art of Racing in the Rain! Read in on vacation a couple years ago and couldn't put it down!

Unknown said...

I'll have to check out that book..... Did you like it?

Unknown said...

I've got a kindle and an iPad. I love to be able to multitask with the audio. I imagine I will come across some books that need my full attention.

There is something to be said about the texture, smell, and feel of a real book. Technology will never reproduce that!

William said...

Awesome book!

Char said...

i read The Art of Racing in the Rain a couple of months and just loved it. I wish my dog had opposable thumbs and a less clumsy tongue too.

Unknown said...

Definately a smaller tongue...... You can always tell when Sadie has had a drink by the puddles of water everywhere!