Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lopez Lomong

I have been listening to the Audiobook called "Running for my life'. Written by Lopez Lomong.  

It's a personal account of being ripped from his mother's arms at the tender age of 6 (while he was at a church service with his parents), his journey to the hut where he was held captive, and how he escaped from that prison with the help of his "Three Angels".  

He explains how he ran for 3 days and nights, only to be found by Kenyan Military Soldiers and taken to a refugee camp (where he lived for 10 years).   

He ran 18 miles a day in order to play soccer/ football on the camp field. Running was his only freedom.  It provided the mental escape he needed to cope with life.

Click here for the Audible link to the book.

It became his dream to compete in the Olympics as an American citizen.  

I'm not finished the book yet, but I've really enjoyed listening to his story.  There is a lot of focus on 'God' but nothing that would make anyone uncomfortable.  It's a key part of his story and I think that his passion and faith guided him to where he is today. 

I also think that his adoptive parents are fantastic human beings who deserve recognition for their selflessness and determination.

As luck would have it, this book came into my life at the perfect time.  I found out that Lopez Lomong will be racing in the 2012 Olympics on August 8th.  


You Gotta get the book.

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