Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catch up.....

The last week has been super busy.

- Put our condo up for sale (the past week was spent organizing and staging).

- Worked on a deal to trade our Airstream in for an older, smaller Airstream (will save us some $$$)..... Deal is still in progress.

- Packed a UHall with items to go to the cottage.

- Put an offer in on a cottage property three hours north of London...... Still negotiating.

- Picked up Sadie (she had been vacationing at Gramma's place since our Airstream Rally).

We made it to the cottage Friday evening.

This is how Sadie sleeps in the truck..... She can't be comfortable?!

Some of my extended family are also up here (uncle, aunt, cousin, and her 3 children).

Cousin Ebony taught Janet and I how to make sushi.

I missed a lot of the tutorial as I showed up late to the party...... I had to settle in a bit first.

I managed to make a half decent veggie roll wrapped in seaweed. Janet did very well...... She made two or three rolls with different wraps.

Sushi is soooooo much better when you make it yourself.

While we were gone home, we had our cottage walls finished with drywall (lived with chipboard for the past 10 years). So everything is unorganized at the moment.

Going to start painting the drywall tomorrow so we can get this place in order.

Started a 'once a week' cleaning job on Saturday......... The owner of the lodge next to us broke her foot a couple months back so I had offered to help with cleaning cottages when I got back up here.

I got to work with/ learn from Linda (she is Janet's BFF). She is one of those gifted women who can fold a fitted sheet.

Janet is going to host a "Fold a Fitted Sheet" party so we can learn the technique.

Today will involve getting some fresh produce and more painting supplies. Then we will chill on the deck for the rest of the afternoon.

That's the update.

Gotta run.


Paul said...

Promise to tell us how to fold a fitted sheet! Or is there some club we have to join?

Char said...

I'm with Paul. I'd love to find out how to fold a fitted sheet well.

Lindsay said...

I never knew it was such a skill to fold a fitted sheet! My mom must have been a slave driver when I was younger as I do have that sacred skill ;) It's still not easy (mine are still always messier than the flat sheet) but better than my husbands version of ball-it-up :)

Unknown said...

I think it's a special club...... Probably like the illuminati. Lol

I'll let you know if I get a ring or something!!!

Unknown said...

I've actually watched You Tube videos on how to fold them. Unfortunately, I'm still not very good at it. Having a teacher should make the learning process easier.

I'll make sure to post the details :)

Unknown said...

I bow down to thee oh masterful one!!!!!! That is awesome. :D

I'm kind of a "try patiently for 4 minutes and then roll it up" gal,

Fruit Fly said...

Fold a Fitted Sheet party - very unique! And really - yeah, makes sense!!

Unknown said...

Any excuse for a party Fruit Fly!!!