Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Sadie Says"

It's been a whole long time since I made a post.

I look like an old fashion dog but I'm not..... It's a trick mum does with the picture.

I like to lounge on the sofa......

..... and on patio chair cushions. Bet you never thought I could fit on this, but I can. Ta-daa.

I went to the pub again. This time they brought out ice water for me cause it was very hot outside.

Trees smell good!

I was away from home for a long time. I got to go back for 2 days. I really missed my bed and toys.

This is Wilson. He is an Up-North puppy. I try not to laugh at his big ears because he can hear real good, and I don't want to hurt his feelings.

I got really sick for awhile. I was throwing up....... a lot.

Mum cried and dad hugged her.

I am not supposed to eat Boots' poop, things that Boots buried, grass, or anything out in nature cause it is what makes me sick.

Boots is Gramma Janet's pet fox...... Even though he is a wilderness fox he comes over for breakfast and dinner. Sometimes he naps in the sun after eating.

This is an Up-North Basset Hound.

This is me feeling better.

This is a small Up-North dog.

She lost her sister a little while ago. A big dog thought her sister was a toy and shook her real hard. That is very sad.

I am on the deck with a baby that Gramma Janet bought for me. It's my favorite up-north toy.

I think this is Bob..... Maybe John or something like that. My memory is bad.

People seats are cumfy.

I'm out in Nature.

This is Bubbles...... He is always moving and he is real slobbery.

I was with Gramma for a few weeks. She took me to a cottage on a real big lake. I had fun.

I have peanut butter once in awhile. I get to use a people spoon. I really like peanut butter.

This is not a famous movie star.... It's just me silly.

I am having a great summer. I hope you are too.

That's all I gotta say.......


Char said...

Sadie is gorgeous. There's something special about goldies.

Fruit Fly said...

I. Love. It.!!

So cute that little Sadie is!

Unknown said...

There is something very special about Golden Retrievers. I am so fortunate to have her in my life!!!!