Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Big Tree

We journeyed to Rockport, Texas to stand in awe of The Big Tree.

Over the last 1000 - 2000 years (age varies depending on who you ask) this tree has experienced floods, at least 40 hurricanes, droughts, and wildfire...... hard to believe that it is still standing. It is over 35 feet in circumference and 45 feet tall.

There are many large, and just as beautiful, Oak Trees in the area just around the Big Tree. The offspring of the massive oak.

Wonder what stories these trees could tell.

You can't help but be impressed.

The day included a lunch at a place overlooking the Aransas Bay.

Downtown Rockport has tons of little touristy shops.

Was sunny and warm.......... A perfect day.

Gotta run.

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financecupcake said...

Wow, the Big Tree sounds and looks amazing! Reading about your travels makes me want to travel, too. :) I'm definitely getting vacation ideas.

I finally posted your interview. Thanks again for answering my questions!