Monday, January 30, 2012

Sadie Says....... Guest Post.

I look like a ghost here. Boo!

I love the beach. Interesting, and smelly things are on it.

This is me in the truck. I don't like it much because my belly gets upset. I've got some good drugs so I don't usually remember much.

Did you know Aunt Jodie got married? Baker from Bake Photography made her look like Snow White. I wasn't allowed to go to the wedding. Gramma Alma came all the way from Sarnia, Ontario to stay with me so I wasn't lonely.

I found this stick and I carried it for a long time. Did you know that I can run 3 miles in a row? It's very hard because I am a senior citizen dog. Maybe I can pace Mum at her next race?!

One day there was a lot of stuff on the beach. A couple days later it was gone. It was magic.

Mum lets me off the leash and I run away.

Running away makes me laugh.... I like playing tricks because I am a tricky dog...... I come back and Mum is happy.

I couldn't take Mickey Mouse home to play with because mum didn't know where he had been.

If I stand still, the wind makes my ear fly. Funny. I like funny things.

Mum finds lots of pretty things on the beach.

...... and lots of things that I'd like to roll around on.

.... But mostly pretty things.

This is what I would look like if I were on a poster.

That's all I got to say.
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