Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally.... A break in the weather.

Ran a 26 miler on Wednesday at Fanshawe Conservation Area. Shoulder and back still sore but manageable..... left knee hurting (possibly from fall?).

The weather was fantastic. There was almost no humidity and a nice breeze.

Everything felt so fresh.

I didn't mind navigating through the roots (as much).

I stopped to appreciate the views.

I witnessed dirt being tossed from the base of this tree....... the culprit is peeking out at me (you may have to zoom in to see better).

I really had to be careful not to squash the snails......... there were a lot.

Review of Fanshawe Conservation Area Camp Ground:

- Lots of wildlife ie) groundhogs, snakes, moles, caterpillars, chipmunks, spiders, snails, and butterflies.
- Most sites were not very private.
- Fantastic Trails.
- Has a take out restaurant on site (good fries).
- Showers were gross. It was bad enough that I had to run through spider webs all morning...... I got to shower with the spiders in the afternoon.
- The camp is located below a jet flight path.... noisy.
- Very friendly, helpful staff.
- Smelly 'dumping station'.

Who knows, the showers may be spa-like compared to other camp grounds......... I'm still new at this.

What good or bad experiences have you had at camp grounds?

Gotta run.


XLMIC said...

26 miler in natural beauty... awesome!
That is the most beautiful snail I have ever seen.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I am in awe of your beautiful pictures What a great place to get to do a 26 miler in! I don't think i ever see a snail when I am out running, too cool!

Lisa said...

Love the descriptions of the area! We just took a long weekend to go camping and hiking. We're pretty low maintenance and easy going, but this time, we heard a little too much going on in a neighboring tent or camper. People have to remember that a whisper sounds like a yell in the woods!!

Unknown said...

Too funny Lisa...... Always good to remember to keep those hanky panky noise levels down!!!

The Green Girl said...

What a beautiful run. Loved the amazing pictures with the commentary.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Camp showers are always bad, never seen a good one. THough the scenry of the camp site always makes up for it