Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finally.... A break in the weather.

Ran a 26 miler on Wednesday at Fanshawe Conservation Area. Shoulder and back still sore but manageable..... left knee hurting (possibly from fall?).

The weather was fantastic. There was almost no humidity and a nice breeze.

Everything felt so fresh.

I didn't mind navigating through the roots (as much).

I stopped to appreciate the views.

I witnessed dirt being tossed from the base of this tree....... the culprit is peeking out at me (you may have to zoom in to see better).

I really had to be careful not to squash the snails......... there were a lot.

Review of Fanshawe Conservation Area Camp Ground:

- Lots of wildlife ie) groundhogs, snakes, moles, caterpillars, chipmunks, spiders, snails, and butterflies.
- Most sites were not very private.
- Fantastic Trails.
- Has a take out restaurant on site (good fries).
- Showers were gross. It was bad enough that I had to run through spider webs all morning...... I got to shower with the spiders in the afternoon.
- The camp is located below a jet flight path.... noisy.
- Very friendly, helpful staff.
- Smelly 'dumping station'.

Who knows, the showers may be spa-like compared to other camp grounds......... I'm still new at this.

What good or bad experiences have you had at camp grounds?

Gotta run.

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