Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long, hot, hilly run.

My longest run since the quad tear last year, there isn't a cloud in the sky, and it's hotter than hell.

Had quite the support crew today....... Dad drove by to say hello, Andrew came out twice with supplies, and Yanet came out several times during the last half of the run.

If Yanet hadn't come I would have suffered heat stroke and severe dehydration.

Here's Yanet in her support vehicle.

Long story, even longer....... Was supposed to run 24 miles...... I screwed up the GPS..... Ran 25.

Gotta rest.



Derek said...

Congrats on the 25 miler. I'm having problems with the heat here too and getting ready for a 100 miler in October. Best of luck on the rest of your runs!

The Green Girl said...

Wow, great job on the 25 miles. So great that your family is so supportive.

BFG said...

Glad to see you are recovering well. Great 25 miler! :)

JessiePants said...

Great job on the long one! Glad you are healing up for your 100 on the horizon : )

A Prelude To... said...

NICE! Good job in the heat, sun, and hills!! Again...VERY NICE!

Erin said...

Super impressive run - especially in the heat! Looks like your training is going well!

gene said...

Great job on the 25 miles! Awesome! It's hot as hell here in NC as well.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone =D

I am totally not handling the heat well....... guess 'Badwater' is out. lol