Monday, May 30, 2011

Boots the Fox

Up North, they have foxes as pets.

How many times can city folks say they've hand fed one?! This is my 2nd.

YouTube Video

Gotta find the AfterBite.



The Green Girl said...

Wow! I have no words.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

I saw a fox yesterday in Durango, CO. It passed right by me on a run.

I did a running group in Santa Fe last thursday, there were a few ultra runners in the group. There seem to be a lot of them out here. Also there are a number of world class runners out here, training at altitude. Hundreds of miles of trails to practice on.

XLMIC said...

Thanks so much for everything :)

Love these fox pics! so does my little girl... now she is saying she wants one :P

Unknown said...

It's so amazing that a wild animal can learn to 'gently' take food from your hand.

You can also hand feed a couple fish from the lake.... It's still early in the season for them to start making their presence known.