Friday, March 11, 2011

The weather is unpredictable.

Woke up to reports of school bus cancellations and up to 25 cm of snow accumulation.

The trees look pretty.

The sidewalks do not.

Decided not to workout today.... Heading to the states to pick up some groceries and to get Andrew a new iPad (released today at 5pm in the United States).

My 100 mile training officially starts March 27th. I've got all my runs plotted on my calendar. Just need to add some races and schedule some cross training workouts.

Gotta get excited about that!

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KovasP said...

Can't wait to hear about the training!

northernbliss said...

Where do you cross to go to the States? Sarnia? or Windsor.

Unknown said...

Running the pinckney trail marathon this year??

Unknown said...

Nomad.... Not running the marathon as it doesn't fit in with my training schedule. Are you doing it? You going to do the Hallucination?