Friday, January 14, 2011

One down, one to go.

Today the sale of my house in Amherstburg officially closed.
It was a great house.... I have lots of fond memories.

I will especially remember my parting gift. Parting gift, you ask? Yesterday, I slipped in the garage and fell (splat!!!) on my face.

Miraculously, I didn't break my nose or any teeth. My face is swollen and bruised. My hands are sore but unscathed (used them to protect my face) and my body is not too stiff. I consider myself very lucky.

Today we moved into the condo.

Photos were taken about two and a half hours in. There are only path ways now.

I'm officially done for the day. I am spent!!!!

Do you like moving? Had any setbacks during a move?

Gotta put my feet up and relax.

p.s. All we have to do now is sell some furniture and move out of the apartment!!

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northernbliss said...

Poor Stacey - glad it was not too serious. The place looks great - but I too will miss the house and the voodoo room.