Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On my way to being committed?

Today at 8am a dumpster was dropped off on my driveway. A bit early but, I had requested an early drop off (sometimes you get what you ask for).

The people from the Mission eventually came for the sectional. They were three hours late.... I had to call them to say WTF? Tee hee I didn't really swear at them. It's gone and that is the important part.

Here is today's snafoo....

We've got people putting new tile in the kitchen and foyer of the condo. Apparantly they have created a huge mess. Not just in the condo but in the hallways and stairwell. This morning I received a call from the management company telling me that I will be fined if the tilers do not clean up their mess on a daily basis. Blah, blah, blah....

To make matters worse, they've just set the fire alarm off in the entire building because of the dust they created, GET THIS... cutting tile in the stairwell.... OMG!!!!!

Lucky for me Andrew is there handling this crazy mess.

We've not even moved in and we are already on the Board's bad side. Gulp!
If I didn't run... I'd be in a looney bin!!

I headed out for a short run yesterday evening. It was so nice to get out. It's pretty amazing how magical the snow looks under the street lights.
On my return route I got to run back through my own tracks.

I love the sound of my feet crunching through the snow, and the feeling of solitude that only a snow storm brings.

Hope I can get in a run today!!

Do you use running as therapy? Any other activities?

Gotta make time to run.


northernbliss said...

What's that saying - what doesn't kill you makes you strong - you WILL get thru this and it makes for great blogging material :o)

northernbliss said...

Also, they must not be using a water saw for the tile - if they were, there would be no dust...