Sunday, January 16, 2011

More bad luck... Poo poo!

Yesterday we were leaving the condo to do some errands and found that the truck had been broken into. A horrible feeling.... especially since it happened in our underground parking spot.

Nice dent and scratch!

On monday, the condo office lady will go through the video tapes. I hope she will be able to find out who the little bastard(s) were.

Shards of tempered glass were everywhere.  Don't be fooled they can be sharp!

We were fortunate that someone must have driven or walked by soon after the break in. There wasn't that much stolen.

a bit grainy because of the zoom... you get the idea!

Here is my face.... Three days after the fall.

After we discovered the break in, I was bringing some items to our tiny storage space when I cracked the top of my head on a low hanging pipe.

I'm not having much luck these past few days....

My hope is that I can get back into a routine and get some workouts in. I've been singing that tune for far too long now.

Are you clumsy?

Gotta start wearing a helmet.


northernbliss said...

What else can go wrong - you guys have had your unfair share. Hopefully that is it. Ughh.

northernbliss said...

Also looks like tere should be some good fingerprints - CSI London - good name for a TV show...

Unknown said...

Would you believe that the police don't come out to investigate anymore? We had to file a police report online!!!!! Pfffft!

I've already been inconvenienced enough, now I've got to fill out other people's paperwork? WTF?

Everything is becoming quite comical at this point. What's going to happen tomorrow? Hope it's a good one. lol