Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Movers...... Pffft!

The movers came today...... Brought with them a truck that was kinda on the small side. We were told that we were getting a transport. We were assured that everything would fit. Not the case.

Not a transport.
It's one thing to have to personally move extra stuff across town. It's totally another thing when you have to move the stuff over two hours away.

Now we are stuck with having to make a couple trips to store some items at my mom's.

Truck almost filled.  The garage and some house items haven't yet been loaded.


Tomorrow, I've got a garbage dumpster being dropped off. I can then get rid of crap that I don't want to leave behind for the new occupants. I've also got the community Mission people coming to pick up a sectional.  Fingers crossed... that all goes well.

Have your 'moves' ever gone smoothly?

Gotta get out and run before I go postal.

1 comment:

northernbliss said...

I hope it was not a lot of stuff left over - more s-t-r-e-s-s.