Monday, January 10, 2011

Loose change.

A while back I started throwing all my loose change into a pickle jar (emptied and washed pickle jar).

Looks like a bunch of pennies that really wouldn't add up to much......

Well, I took it to a local grocery store. They have a machine that takes in, and counts your change.

For a small fee (12%ish of total) I received a voucher that I cashed in at the checkout.

$163.73..... Holy cow!!!  I was pretty shocked by the amount.

Do you have a change jar? Have any plans of starting one?

Gotta get mine started again!

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Derek said...

We have a huge 5 gallon water jug that we throw our change in. After a while it can get pretty heavy, but we took it in a while back and had almost $400. It was a nice surprise too.

northernbliss said...

I bet that other one has a ton of moolah in it - let me know when you finally "shake" the $$ out. I am guessing maybe $5-600...

Unknown said...

I hope so Yanet :-D