Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little things

Today I got to be a passenger in a SMART car..... Soooooo teeny tiny!

Speaking of teeny tiny... I am really liking my new iPod Nano. I love the pedometer app. It's exciting to track how many steps you take during your runs. I will blog more about the Nano later..... Cause I'm at a restaurant right now, ignoring my friends.

Gotta be social.

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Gailanne said...

Aww! You got to ride in a Cadbury Easter Egg toy!

I remember test driving one last summer. They drive well but I don't think I would own one... Too small for us adventure freaks :-)

Patrick Mahoney said...

The only time I was in one of these was in Germany on the Autobahn when it was being driven by a guy who usually drives a Porsche. It was the last car left at the rental car place. Go figure.