Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I tried....

I emailed Clif Bar & Co. yesterday asking if they would donate some products for me to  give a way on the blog.

"Thank you for your interest in Clif Bar and submitting a Clif Bar online event sponsorship application! You will hear back from us regarding the status of your proposal between 65-80 days prior to your event date.  Thanks again for thinking of Clif Bar!


Clif Bar Community Event Sponsorship"

Less than an hour later I got this......

"Thanks so much for your interest in Clif Bar.  Your event sounds really cool! Unfortunately we receive many more requests than we can accommodate and at this time are unable to sponsor your event. As our family of products continue to grow each year, so too does the number of donation requests that we receive. In a perfect world we would be able to accommodate all of the requests we get.  Unfortunately though, as much as we would like to believe that the world we live in actually is perfect, we are coming to terms with the fact that this is simply not the case.   As we make efforts to help share our support with all of our friends and family in the greater Clif community (like you), we are often forced to make some challenging decisions that could affect your event directly.

We do hope that you'll consider contacting us again next time.  Our online sponsorship form can be found at http://www.clifbar.com/play/event_sponsorship_form/.

Thanks again for thinking of us here at Clif Bar & Co. We wish you the best with your upcoming event.

Best Wishes,"

Can't hurt to ask... even though I suck!  lol

Gotta run.


Patrick Mahoney said...

Yeah but a response is better than no response which company's a 1/4 of their size are guilty of every day. I think Clif is a cool compnay, but sorry you couldn't get some stuff...

northernbliss said...

Never stop trying - one day, they will make a donation - then I will want to win!! How do all the other Bloggers get their booty?
Good idea tho...you are so thougthful of your followers.

Unknown said...

I love Clif :-)