Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun story!

Yesterday I was out running some errands when a guy came up to me and said something along the lines of "I read your blog.... do you know who I am?"  I was totally perplexed.... He said that his name was Darek.

borrowed this photo from Darek's blog

Derek is a fellow blogger and ultrarunner that happens to live in town (Amherstburg, On).  I am so glad that you came up to me Darek.... I would never have recognized you!  Luckily he recognized me by my jeep (Big pink letters on winshield that say I RUN FAR).  Check out his latest race report by clicking on his name above.

It's such a small world....  It's really great getting to meet other people from the blogging community!  Thanks for introducing yourself Darek!

Gotta run.


Patrick Mahoney said...

That's pretty cool, total rock-star moment. I have a fellow blogger down the street...

juli said...

Hey, I know that guy too. Small world (and small town)! : )