Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nothing really..... it's a rainy Tuesday.

What little girl wouldn't love this cake? 
 I had to run some errands today.  I went past this cake shop and thought that the displays were awesome.  Fondant has become so popular the last few years (Tastes like flavored wax, but looks terrific!).

I'd like this one!!

It was pouring rain during my trek.  Lucky for me, I had gone home to change before heading out. My shoes, socks, and feet were soaked when I got back.

Waiting for a traffic light under my umbrella.
 I got back to the apartment and was able to make some Halloween grab bags for Andrew's staff....... before jumping on the elliptical machine at the gym.

Happy Halloween.
Story about my time at the gym:

So....... I enter the gym and immediately notice a woman, with a fantastic body, working out like mad.  She was doing a circuit of sorts.... weights, cardio etc. I watched in awe (when she wasn't looking of course).  I suddenly became highly motivated to get in a really good workout.  Hmmmmm?

It's funny how envy is a great motivator!!!

Have you ever been motivated because you were ENVIOUS?  

Gotta run.

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northernbliss said...

Yes, by you. Seeing you and everything you do to stay healthy is a motivator. Altho, not to your level...I am older you know;o)