Monday, October 25, 2010

What are you eating?

When I eat well, I eat well.  But when I start eating crap.... I just can't stop!!!

 A Refresher Nutrition Course for Ultrarunners

by Sunny Blende, MS, Sports Nutritionist
"As ultrarunners we usually are meticulous, even obsessive, about our training regimes; logging in every workout and having a plan for fueling during our long training runs and races. We know what we are going to eat and how much we are going to drink during each hour of these sessions, making adjustments along the way to account for fatigue, night running, length of the race and changing weather conditions. Are we as knowledgeable and careful about our eating habits the rest of the time? As we head for some rest and recovery during the winter season, it’s time to review some basic nutrition to help us establish healthy eating habits and a sound foundation for next year’s training and racing. Whatever our goal – whether to get a bit leaner by losing some body fat or just to stay as healthy as we were at our peak training – here are some lifestyle changes that can make a real difference. And they will NOT include eating carrot sticks and drinking water with lemon at parties. You deserve to enjoy those holiday specialties after putting in all that training!"

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I have been telling myself for months that it's time to start eating healthy..... Haven't done it yet.  Here's hoping that this article will motivate me!

How well do you eat?  What are your secrets to a healthy diet?  Do you splurge and then regret it?  Is there any food that you can't resist?

Gotta eat healthy!

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