Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Exciting than a Kate Spade Sale (you know it's gonna be good)

This iPhone is going to change the iWorld!!!!

I'm being dramatic.... it's really going to change the way I iBlog. The iCamera is 5 mega pixels..... with a flash. It has high definition iVideo. iVideos that you can create and edit.... all on the iPhone. It's called iMovie and it absolutely iRocks! You don't have to be an iProfessional to create movies that are iSpectacular. You don't even need an iComputer.

Unfortunately, the iUSA is going to have this availalbe to them a month sooner than iCanada. If any one out there gets one, you gotta tell me all about it!

iGotta run.


Derek said...

I'll be getting one but will probably wait until it's been out a little while and has all the bugs worked out. Next in line I guess is waiting for the 4G network sometime in 2011!

Stuart said...

Video in my pjs, er no thanks!

Stacey said...

I'm sure that you're real cute in your 'jammies' Stuart. ;)

Just think what it could do for the porn industry! lol