Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sooooo Lucky!!!!!

A couple nights ago I started to do some back and chest work.

I have become very lazy.... instead of going downstairs to my home gym, I have brought weights and an exercise band up to my bedroom.

I have (actually had... but this is why I am telling this story) a band set up on a hook that is leveraged on a screw/ hook thing on my window frame. I use this band to mimic the effects of pull ups.

Every time I grab the band I wonder if it will ever snap... but I always continue on, knowing these things are made to be pulled and stretched.

I took a hold of the band and pulled it down to the floor... where I distance my self so that I can get a lot of resistance. I begin my 1st rep and the fricken' thing snapped. It recoiled into my hands causing immediate excruciating pain..... OUCH!!!!!

I was so lucky... the band could have very easily snapped back into my face if I had been in a different position.

The results: I have a small gash in my finger and have had difficulty managing some tasks at work because ... for what ever reason... the muscles in the middle of my hand have sustained some damage... I can hardly open a bottle of water. I will grin and bear it.

I wonder if I could sue? Maybe I could become a millionairess? LOL

On the positive side.... I am going to Florida this Sunday. Going to Orlando. I will be staying at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa. I guess it's right in the Disney area? I did note that it is close to Universal Studios..... Day trip!!

I have never been to Florida so I am pretty excited. I love going and experiencing new places. I am so fortunate to be able to to have taken the trips I have gone on this past year. I am one lucky gal!

This is going to be my last week of "Slothdom" (Definition: The act of turning into a flubbery cow because you're eating and drinking like a pig.... and not exercising). When I get back I am going to start P90X again and get lots of trainer bike riding in.... I will test out the running legs also.

I will certainly enjoy this last week of 'Laziness Bliss" !!! I will try to post some pics and keep you updated. At this point I am not sure if I am going to have internet/ phone access (access that will not cost me a kidney and a lung).

Gotta run.


Derek said...

Glad you are OK, I had one of those bands break on me as well while working out.

Bob - said...

Welcome to the heat of FL - Enjoy Disney, you have to go on Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith - good time !

Stacey said...

Hi Bob! Thanks for the warm welcome. I am kinda petrified of heights..... maybe I will just listen to the roller coaster. :-) Love Aerosmith!!!

Stuart said...

WOW, close call!

Enjoy Florida, a little bit of warmth before the freeze begins!