Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Monogamy is fabulous. It gives you a deep and profound connection to another human being...... And you don't have to shave as much!"

woman sunbathing in back yard - Sex and The City

As I was doing ab work this afternoon, while watching reruns of Sex and The City, I heard the statement quoted above. It made me giggle because that is just like me. For what ever reason.... errr... laziness.... I have never been one of those women who shave their legs every day.

Which brings me to this post:

I have a ritual before my races. I buy all new Nair products ( waxes, depilatory cream...) and set a couple hours aside to put them to good use! The smooth feeling of clean, hair free skin, makes me feel like a brand new person. It gives me extra confidence at the beginning of a race (nearing the end, I couldn't really give a crap!). Normally, I have a glass of wine to help ease the pain... before a race I just grin and bear it.

I don't know if any other women out there are lazy shavers? Or if they have any pre-race hair removal rituals? Let me know. Post a comment. What about the men out there? What do you do? Would love to hear about your pre-race grooming rituals.

Gotta run.


Derek said...

OK,I shave my legs, I said it! I guess it goes back to my triathlon days of cutting body hair before a big race and it has carried over to running as well. It jsut makes the legs feel better for the post race massage as well.

Stacey said...

Thanks for "outing" yourself Derek. :-) Good point about the massage!

cath said...

mmm..gotta have smooth race legs actually, feel clean....