Friday, September 18, 2009

Special Needs Bag for 100 km Run

I think this is it... I am sure that I will add to it by morning. I would rather be overly prepared than under. I just hope I don't put my back out carrying the gym bag crammed with all of this stuff. lol

I am pleased to report that I am actually (finally) excited about the run! I have had a million things on the go and really haven't had the chance to think about it.

I am going out for dinner with Dad and Janet. They have kindly agreed to go to Pizza Hut with me. I want to thank them so very much for taking the 8 hour drive down to be with me for my run. They are hosting the "Front Yard" party and will be in charge of collecting more pledges, noise makers, flare, crowd control (tee hee) and making posters to let the commuters know what the fuss is all about!! Most importantly they are here to get the group pumped! Basically, they are going to sit on the lawn all afternoon drinking beer, eating chips, bon bons, waving to traffic and making lots of noise! Good times!

Here's last year's party!

In case I forgot to mention (or you've just happened on this post), the run route goes right past my house. I will be about 80 km (50 miles) into the race at that point... Yipes!

Andrew is out of town and will be arriving at some point tomorrow morning. He'll be meeting me at various locations during the run to give me a kiss and some motivation.

I had better get going. I still have to wax and do my nails (finger) and... and... and.....

Gotta run.
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