Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Retail Therapy!!!

Last week kinda sucked. I wanted to get a Garmin but the "Real People" reviews are not out in full force. I decided to treat myself to a gift that comes in the little blue box!! I was so excited when it arrived via courier. So excited that I just stared at the box for awhile. It did not look quite like the box below (the extra embellishments are
about $500 more).

I did not mean for all that to be underlined but it will take too long for me to figure out how to remove it!!! LOL Andrew is on a motorcycle trip around Lake Superior and can't take my computer questions right now!!! tee hee

These (below) are the earrings that I purchased. They are a lot smaller in real life..... They don't scream "Hey, I've got Tiffany earrings and I want you to notice!!!!" I really love them... wearing them now in fact.

This weekend of mine..... I ran. As I do every weekend. I had a 18 miler on Monday and a 24 miler on Tuesday. The rest of the week's runs will bring me up to 60 miles. I will repeat this next week.

Then I will really get into some heavy mileage for the following 2 weeks (75-80ish miles). That is tons for me!!! I know that people pull 200 mile weeks out of their butts.... I am not built for that!!! I want to really start focusing on my race. I haven't done a lot of visualizing this time around. I find that it really helps if I can imagine myself finishing strong. I feel that if it's in my head than nothing can stop me! September 19, 2009 is the big day!!!

I have an appointment with the tattoo artist Tim Reid this Saturday. He is drawing me up his interpretation of the tattoo I want. I will approve it, and then book the appointment. I am not sure of his availability and I am not sure if I want to have it done while I am still training. I am getting it on my left hip/ thigh area. I really don't want to mess with being able to use my foam roller or getting a really good massage!!

Maybe it will have to wait until after the race!?

Enough babble,
Gotta run.


Anonymous said...


Stacey said...

Thanks Yanet!!!!

cath said...

whoa..I LOVE the box with stuff on it...very cool...The kilometers/miles you do are pretty grunty...when I 'grow up' I will do time like that too...(I hope to grow up in the next few weeks..)Happy running...

cath said...

oh yeah...not your first tattoo?..i am in the very early planning stages of my first one...

Stacey said...

Hi Cath! I also think the box is fabulous.

I am having my 5th tattoo drawn up. It will be my largest piece to date. It's quite exciting! I hope you enjoy yours. What are you getting done and where?

A word of warning.... it hurts like hell but it's is addictive! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Space, Love the earrings! I would like a pair also - hint, hint! haha!
Love you and miss you!