Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Retail Therapy!!!

Last week kinda sucked. I wanted to get a Garmin but the "Real People" reviews are not out in full force. I decided to treat myself to a gift that comes in the little blue box!! I was so excited when it arrived via courier. So excited that I just stared at the box for awhile. It did not look quite like the box below (the extra embellishments are
about $500 more).

I did not mean for all that to be underlined but it will take too long for me to figure out how to remove it!!! LOL Andrew is on a motorcycle trip around Lake Superior and can't take my computer questions right now!!! tee hee

These (below) are the earrings that I purchased. They are a lot smaller in real life..... They don't scream "Hey, I've got Tiffany earrings and I want you to notice!!!!" I really love them... wearing them now in fact.

This weekend of mine..... I ran. As I do every weekend. I had a 18 miler on Monday and a 24 miler on Tuesday. The rest of the week's runs will bring me up to 60 miles. I will repeat this next week.

Then I will really get into some heavy mileage for the following 2 weeks (75-80ish miles). That is tons for me!!! I know that people pull 200 mile weeks out of their butts.... I am not built for that!!! I want to really start focusing on my race. I haven't done a lot of visualizing this time around. I find that it really helps if I can imagine myself finishing strong. I feel that if it's in my head than nothing can stop me! September 19, 2009 is the big day!!!

I have an appointment with the tattoo artist Tim Reid this Saturday. He is drawing me up his interpretation of the tattoo I want. I will approve it, and then book the appointment. I am not sure of his availability and I am not sure if I want to have it done while I am still training. I am getting it on my left hip/ thigh area. I really don't want to mess with being able to use my foam roller or getting a really good massage!!

Maybe it will have to wait until after the race!?

Enough babble,
Gotta run.
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