Monday, June 8, 2009

Random Questions About Me Answered Here.

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Right or Left HandedRight for day to day and left for sports.
Your WeaknessSea salt and pepper chips. Mmmmmmm
Your FearsHeights and creepy crawlys mainly.
Your Most Overused PhraseAt the moment is seems to be "No, but...."
Thoughts First Waking UpAm I late?
Your Best Physical FeatureStomach
Your BedtimeGenerally 10pm and 10am. It's complicated.
Pepsi or CokeCoke Zero
McDonalds or Burger KingMcDonalds
Ice Cream or YogurtIce cream
Pizza or ChinesePizza
Cappuccino or CoffeeBlech!!!
Chocolate or VanillaChocolate
Been ArrestedProud to answer that with a big "No"!
Do You SmokeNever again (well, maybe a cigar every once in a while). Smoked for 17 years.
Do You DrinkYes. Love margaritas and red wine. Oh, and Caesars also.
Do You SwearYes.... I can be a trucker!
Do You SingQuite poorly but, yes!
Have You Been In LoveYes... still am.
Do You Believe in YourselfYes.
Ever Been DepressedYes.
Do You Get Along With Your ParentsYes.
Do You Have Any Brothers or SistersOne younger sister.
Do You Like ThunderstormsLove them.
Do You Play an InstrumentI played the clarinet and drums in grade school.
Do You Have Any PetsMy Sadie girl (dog) and Satch (cat).

What Is Your Favorite ColorGrey

Ever Been DrunkThat is a silly question!
Ever Shoplifted
Ever Gotten a Speeding TicketNo... came close once. As the cop had pulled out of his hiding spot to pull me over, some guy in a minivan flew past me. The cop decided to ticket him instead, PHEW!
Number of Piercings5. One ear has 3 holes, the other just 1. 1 Navel piercing.
Number of TattoosThree. Just made my appointment for a consultation for my fourth.
Number of Things in My Past I RegretLife is too short for regrets.
Close With Your FamilyNot as close as I would like to be.
Gotten Into a FightI am ashamed to admit... yes.
Favorite Sports TeamDon't know jack about sports.
Do You Do DrugsPrescription mostly.
What Kind Of Car Do You Drive2003 Jeep Rubicon (wouldn't trade it for anything)
Do You Like to CleanYes, I find it relaxing.
Do You Like to CookYes, but I prefer to eat.
Broken a BoneYes, both pinky fingers.
Played Truth or DareYes
Believe in Love at First SightNo. I believe in lust at first sight.
Phone or IMIM
Wal-Mart or TargetTarget!!!!!! (pronounced Targay).
How Do You Want to DieQuickly or while doing something I love.
What's Annoying You Right NowMy migrane.

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You learn something new everyday.