Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!!!

Got up today and did a forty five minute run on the "dreadmill" and
forty five minutes of weights.

Lots of traveling today... We're presently at a Ramada Inn in
Watervliet, Michigan. Another budget hotel! This one is much cleaner
and more spacious. We're on the top floor and can't hear anything but
the air conditioner.

What is a trip of mine without a margarita photo!!! We stopped at a
Bass Pro Shop to pick up a compression bag for our clothes. We're
busting at the seams with the additional shirts we picked up along the
way. Who knew they had a licensed restaurant inside the store?!

It was so incredibly hot that driving on the highway didn't even cool
us off! We're wiped out now.

Thanks for all your comments. I will respond to them when I get
back.... Using the iPhone as my only Internet source has been

p.s. Andrew likes his tattoo! I still can't believe that they worked
on him when he was obviously impaired.

Janet, please tell dad not to worry... I watched the artist take the
sterilized needles out from a sealed bag. I shouldn't get hepatitis!


KMcJoseph said...

I've been turned away by tattoo artists for being drunk...

...of course, I was like 19 years old at the time.

Anonymous said...

I'll let your dad know that - he will be happy. Sounds like you guys are having a good time - I bet there are more of these adventures in your future - and you will learn the tricks of packing light. They sell little trailers specifically for that purpose.

Anonymous said...

ps - that drink looks mighty tasty...

Stacey said...

I really don't know why he wasn't turned away.

He got really lucky that his artist does great work. I got a tattoo by a guy that I didn't know and had to get it fixed. Not a smart thing to do. I suppose I didn't learn my lesson as I have done it again!!