Monday, June 15, 2009

Couple of Things....

These are some fabulous car magnets that I now have all over my jeep!! My physiotherapist gave me my first. I loved it so much I tracked them down to a company called "One More Mile" where I purchased a bunch more!! The car magnet is a fantastic idea! No sticky mess to ruin your paint job..... and you can change the placement if you're not happy. They average about $4 US (not too shabby).

Had a fun, hot, 7 miler today! I am really looking forward to my 26 mile run tomorrow. I am going to have to set the alarm and get up early so I can beat the heat.

I have mentioned this about a thousand times before... I love Skirt Sports! They have fantastic clothes that are fun and well made. The Outlet has some insane deals!!! My whole outfit (pictured above) is from Skirt Sports. They have a great new summer line for 2009. I generally wait until they reach the clearance section because I love great deals.

I will mention that I have had some shipping issues. They started shipping via UPS. When UPS ships to Canada they usually charge me an additional brokerage fee (around $26). I request that they ship USPS so that this fee is not charged to me. Any time that I have been charged the brokerage fee, Skirt Sports has been kind enough to reimburse me. It does get a bit tiring having to contact them and get everything settled each time. I hope that someday the "Shipping to Canada" issue will be solved.

p.s. As I was grocery shopping today I was able to resist the Nutella jar that was calling my name. I almost picked one up.... I quickly turned the other way.... only to end up buying a chocolate bar. I suck!


cath said...

i love the magnet 'toenails are for sissies'. can relate...mine have just nearly grown back from last summer. I also prefer running in running skirts, hard to get here in NZ. I bought a yoga skort thing yesterday...for running in. enjoy your 26miler!!! whoa!!

Unknown said...

Hi Catherine!

I found a website for you to check out.... I typed in Tennis skirts and a Nike and Adidas Skort popped up. I hope that helps you out! When you have a cute outfit you run better and faster (plus, skorts hide the wobbly bits just below the ass)!!!

You can always email the ladies at Skirt Sports and see how much it would cost to ship out your way!!

Good luck with the search and thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I was addicted to cheese flavour Bits and Bites and I would growl at them when I passed them at the grocery store. But pass them I did - keep up the good work.
Nice outfits.

Unknown said...

Good for you Janet!!!! Temptation is hard to resist.

Anonymous said...

Love the magnets! with a figure like yours I'm certain that you can wear anything that you like;) Well done for resisting the nutella!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post Mother X!