Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Dreaded Construction Site!

This post comes from a conversation I had a few days ago.

O.K. Ladies.... you're running, and up ahead you see it.... the construction site filled with construction workers. You get that sick feeling in your stomach. You know what is going to happen when you run by. The Leering and the cat calls make you self conscious and you just want to crawl into a hole, or turn around and run in the other direction.

It's time that we take the control back! What I have started to do is this:

1) Slow down the pace... it's natural to want to run by real fast hoping no one notices us.
2) Keep your head up... normally that head goes down into the chest. Perhaps we think it makes us invisible?
3) Shoulders back ... look confident!!!
4) Make eye contact with one of the workers.... yes, I am serious!
5) Say "hello" in a manner that you would normally greet other runners passing by.

This way, the workers have to acknowledge that I am a person (not a piece of ass, on display for their amusement). It seems to command some respect and decency. The cat calls don't seem to happen after that. I would be naive to think that they still don't stare and talk amongst one another... but that is ok. I stare at runners, cyclists, walkers, and people in general.

I feel so much better about myself, knowing that I have taken control of the situation!

Next topic.... I ran 26 miles in 4 hours 8 minutes and 9 seconds (it was a PR). It was a great run! I ran a 20 mile out and back... stopped at home to refresh and refuel.... then ran a 6 miler. I was out the door at 7:18 am (that's the earliest that I have ever started a training run).

The run went smoothly and I felt really good. I managed to keep a smile the whole way. I was able to get into the zone, and stay there for long periods of time. I am lucky to have had such a pleasant run. Running is such a privilege. Whether it be a 5 km or a 50 miler, I never want to take it for granted.

Today's outfit consisted of a Columbia tank (Columbia Outlet in Windsor), Tanita visor (freebie from Ironman USA 2005), Skirt Sports tights, Skirt Sport race belt skirt, and my injinjis (mountain equiptment co-op).

The race belt skirt is very cool! There are snaps under a flap of fabric at the waistband. You can affix your race number without having to stick pins in your clothes or wear an unfashionable race belt. Can be used for both racing and training!

These pics were taken after my run..... thank goodness computers don't have "smell-o-vision"!


Lee Ryan said...

Ha! Great post! - nice bit of psychology work there; you might consider publishing?? :-)

Unknown said...

Tee Hee! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!! God I'm so jealous of your legs:) How are you? sorry haven't been in touch, things been up and down. Brilliant post :)

Unknown said...

Hi Mother X!

Thanks for the compliment.

You keep working your way through things. I will think about you and hope things stay "up" for awhile! I look forward to your blog posts.

juli said...

Congrats on the PR and nice outfit! : )

Unknown said...

Thanks Juli!!!!