Friday, May 22, 2009

SULPHUR SPRINGS 10 km, 25 km & 50 Km, 50 Mile & 100 Mile TRAIL RUN

I completed my first Ultra Marathon at the Sulphur Springs Trail Run in Ancaster, Ontario (last year at this time). I remember it like it was yesterday. My quads are shaking just thinking about it!! lol

This weekend it's happening again. I want to congratulate Gailanne on signing up for her first 100 miler (she's pictured above... photo I scooped off her blog)!! She will, no doubt, be in good hands if she sticks with Fred. He is an amazing gentleman with a great spirit and a joyful attitude that made the last half of my 50 miler bearable. He and Gailanne are the ones who kept me motivated and in great spirits. Fred has done countless ultramarathons... and at the young age of 62, he puts many of us to shame when it comes to trail running. I aspire to be like him.

So go out there and give your all Gailanne!!! Can't wait for the race report.

Good luck goes out to all the participants of every distance. Looks like it's going to be perfect weather the whole weekend.

Here is the "mother of all climbs" at Sulphur Springs. Please note the tiny person at the top!

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