Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nineteen mile run in Vegas!

This is taken at MGM. I am not sure what it is called. It was the first time that I saw the Lion walk onto the platform.... awesome!!!

I headed out at eight am on Monday. The weather was pretty good starting out. I mapped out a six and a half mile loop on the strip. The first loop was sucky because I was trying to look cool and I ran faster than I should have. It hurt.... shame on me.

I decided to slow it down on the second loop and it felt great. Only because I was getting a bit tired and I couldn't keep up the pace. lol

The third loop sucked so bad. The sun was high in the sky ( 33 degrees/ 91 F.... HOT!) and "The Strip" was crowded with tourists. I couldn't run in some areas because of the congestion. It wasn't a bad thing because I was really struggling. I enjoyed the opportunity to walk.
I had a stitch I'm my side that seemed to last forever ..... I don't usually get those?! I didn't care how I looked on the last loop I just wanted to get back to the hotel alive..... Funny how that works!

I could feel that my big toes were rubbing the tops if my shoes.... Luckily, they are just tender, I shouldn't loose them. No closed toe shoes for a couple days!

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