Monday, April 6, 2009


I finally started my physiotherapy today. I go to Laoring Physiotherapy in Tecumseh, Ontario. It is the best place to go if you have a sports injury of any kind. This time around I am seeing Mary. I had tried to get in to see her before but she's hard to book (that is why I took so long to start physio).

My hamstring was a bit tender today when I awoke.... I am certain it had nothing to do with running 11ish miles yesterday.... hee hee

Mary assessed me and worked on my lower back and hamstring. Why my lower back? My L5 & L4 vertebrae are messed up, causing me to compensate with my hips which leads to a whole assortment of nasty things for my legs. She told me to continue to run and she will clean up my mess! Gotta love her!

Mary is an accomplished runner in her own right. She qualified, and went to Boston a few years back. She has just return to running after recovering from an injury last August. I love that she understands me and doesn't think I am strange or insane for wanting to run more than marathon distances. She thinks I am a bit crazy... all ultra runners have to have a bit of "crazy" in them!

p.s. Mary is pictured above in the pamphlet. She is in the middle photo.


Physiotherapist perth said...

I love your spirit Keep running.

Physiotherapist perth said...

I love your spirit keep running.

Stacey said...

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