Monday, April 13, 2009

Gale force winds + 14 mile run = blog post material

Today I headed out toward the stretch of road that I loving refer to as " The Wind Tunnel". Normally, the head wind happens on the return trip (I generally do an "out and back"). Today was different.... I went out, and once I turned into the wind tunnel, I had a head wind that surpassed any wind that I have ever experienced.

This wind was unrelenting. The wind took off my hat 2 times before I started running with my chin tucked into my chest. It was so strong that I don't think I had more than 8 breaths in 7 miles. I think that my body just absorbed the oxygen through my skin. Isn't that is what happens to a skydiver... they don't breathe but, get oxygen through their skin (I can't remember where I heard about that.... I could very well be pulling it of my ass??!!!).

The wind never stopped the whole 7 miles out. I couldn't breathe and I hardly drank any water because I didn't want to lift my head. I kept counting down the miles until I could turn around... I secretly feared that the wind would change direction as I headed back (not unusual for the wind to change direction in the county).

I made it to mile 7 and got to turn around. It felt like a 40 pound weight had been lifted off my chest. I couldn't breathe normally... my chest felt like I had been swimming ( remember swimming as a kid... you got out of the water, and took a deep breath, and your chest hurt?!). It took at least 3 miles for my breathing to regulate.

The wind at my back made me feel like I was running down hill. I was excited because I knew it wouldn't take much time to get back home!! It felt like someone was pushing me.... I think I smiled the whole way!

I ended up averaging 10 minute miles... not too bad since the first seven were probably about 15!!!!


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