Saturday, April 11, 2009

Running Movies..... get out your pop-corn!!!

Today I was inspired to look into movies/ films/ documentaries etc. based on running. I was very excited to find this website:
I was astounded on how many movies there are (note: some are just loosely based on running). Check it out HERE!

Today, I will be going for a 5 mile run. Legs feel good from yesterday. I need to start completing back to back runs. Today will give me an idea of how my legs are progressing.

I was going to do some weights but my neck and shoulders have been killing me. I am having "pillow issues". Years ago, I purchased a cervical pillow. It did wonders for me.... I never woke up with a crook in my neck, my back always felt great, etc, etc. Unfortunately, pillows don't last forever and the foam pillows can't be washed and then put in the dryer (BIG friggen mess... who knew???!!!).

I have been through about 5 more cervical pillows and can't find one like my first. All cervical pillows are not created equally! If anyone knows of a great brand please post a comment (mentioning where I can find it would be great also)!!!!

Thanks : )

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billdowis said...

Awesome website... I am always looking for movies/documentaries about running and this list will keep me going for some time!