Sunday, March 1, 2009

"A Day In The Life"... Sautrday February 28, 2009 using my iPhone camera

Having my morning tea before work. Yes boys and girls that is 2:53 am.

Checking the weather. It's an addiction that started because of running. I always want to know what it's like out so that I can plan my runs accordingly. I can check weather several times a day : )

Here is work. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention the name because we have a "No Press" clause.

Here is a picture behind one of the banquet halls. I am heading to the break room. I start work at 4 am.

On my drive home I always get to see the lovely Ambassador Bridge. It connects Windsor, Ontario, Canada to Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Picking up "Timmies" for Andrew (I don't drink coffee).

Time for a nap! This is a bizarre moment... the cat hates the dog (named Satch and Sadie respectively)!!!

I am forgetting about time... it's about 1:30 pm now. I am doing some work for Andrew's company.

Time to stretch out the hammies and quads etc...... it's 2pm

Andrew is throwing the ball for Sadie. It's 3:30 pm

Meet up at a friends house for a few cocktails. This is their adorable dog "Little Chef"!

This is their new Cappuccino/ espresso maker. It retails for $1900... they got it for a cool $1300. WOW! You know you love coffee when......!!! It's about 4:30 pm.

Here we are waiting in line at the Ambassador Bridge.

Here we are waiting in line at the Restaurant "Fishbones". We went to the bar and got some drinks to help the time go by more quickly.

Here are some of the appetizers...

Deep fried alligator. Yes, I tried it, even though I said I wouldn't.... Not bad tasting.

Here's the sushi roll.

We stopped at a bar called "Steve's Place". It is a hole in the wall that has been there since prohibition. The owners still work the bar.... service is slow! lol It's about 8 pm.

Here we are at St. Andrew's Hall (right next door to Steve's Place). The opening band is called Mother, Mother (I think).

The Sam Roberts Band is the headliner. They are a Canadian band from Montreal. They start playing about 10:30 pm. Nearing the end of the concert we find out that Kid Rock is in the building (at the bar downstairs). Andrew went down to investigate but he had just left!
There were a lot of concerts going on in Detroit last night.... Nickleback, and Neo were a couple of the others.

I thought that I would end the day where I started. Yes, it's 12:48 am. And yes, I booked Sunday off work! GOOD NIGHT!!


Derek said...

Wow, what a busy day; I would be exhausted after getting up that early and partying into the night. Thanks for sharing a day with us, very intersting. I also check the weather several times a day as well! lol

Gailanne said...

Very Nice! Wow... 24 hours of jam-packed fun is definitely interesting to read... Good Times! :)

I too am a weather junkie. I'm forever checking the weather for the slightest current and long term forecasts. I have been that way even before the running. Heck, I tend to try and listen too hard for the weather on the radio (every ten minutes on the ones on 680 News - the news station in Toronto) that I end up missing it while I am sitting there... lol